Creating Opportunities For All Americans

Connect the Future is here to make a change. We’re working to deliver on the vast promise of technology to create opportunities for all Americans – now and in the future. We are raising awareness and promoting solutions that will increase tech adoption and expand connectivity to unserved and underserved households, businesses, and communities across the country.

Our Mission

Every American deserves access to high-speed internet. We are making that vision a reality by bringing together people from across the country to:

Shine a light on the barriers to internet access, especially in rural areas

Show the solutions to expand access to more homes and businesses, including improving pole regulations

Shift the conversation to enact those solutions – soon

The internet is more important than ever.

Education, small businesses, health care, agriculture – access to the internet affects an ever-bigger share of the economy and daily life. By bringing high-speed broadband access to more people, we’ll empower them to find the opportunities they need to thrive in the 21st century.

The Truth About the Digital Divide

More than 14 million Americans remain unable to access high-speed internet at home.
82 percent of those without broadband access live in rural areas.
42 percent of rural Veterans enrolled in VA health care system do not have internet access that would support use of VA telehealth and other online services

The Problems

Millions of Americans still don’t have access to reliable, high-speed internet. Others don’t yet have the skills or technology to put it to use or may not be able to afford service at home. They’re overwhelmingly in rural areas, where as many as one in four families lack a reliable connection. We must connect more Americans and do it quickly.

The Barrier

The benefits of high-speed internet are undeniable. But a series of complex barriers are standing in the way of expanding access in many areas. Whether financial, legal, regulatory, technological, or commercial, we’re determined to overcome the obstacles holding us back.

The Solutions

We envision a world in which students get the education they need through distance learning, farmers get to use cutting-edge precision technology, veterans get quality care with telemedicine, entrepreneurs get to build innovative businesses online, and families get the best shot at the best life, whether in rural, suburban, or urban areas of the country. That’s why we’re striving to get high-speed internet into unserved homes and businesses across America.


Dec 2, 2021
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Do you want to connect more Americans to the future? Do you want to strengthen our economy, expand opportunity, and usher in a better future for our commonwealth and our country? If so, we want you to stand with us. The more leaders who get involved, the more we will accomplish, and the more good we’ll do for the country itself.