The Solutions

We envision a world in which students get the education they need through distance learning, farmers get to use cutting-edge precision technology, veterans get quality care with telemedicine, entrepreneurs get to build innovative businesses online, and families get the best shot at the best life, whether in rural, suburban, or urban areas of the country. That’s why we’re striving to get high-speed internet into unserved homes and businesses across America.

But to do that, we must remove the current barriers to broadband expansion and work together to leverage existing tools and initiatives to quickly and efficiently close the digital divide.

Broadband Access Matters – And Millions Lack It

Our 21st Century economy requires access to 21st Century technology. In urban areas across America – that’s a reality most are used to, as 97 percent of urban Americans have access to high-speed, fixed service. In rural areas, however, that number drops to a staggering 65%.

These are the stories of the digital divide:

Together, we can Connect the Future – bringing high-speed broadband access to more Americans, strengthening our economy, expanding opportunity, and ushering in a better future for all.